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More than 15 years underground motor…  If customer really not decide to change new model, just want to maintain back the old system, yes we can help and we know that later on water gonna get in and spoilt the motor again…  What is the solution to prevent water get in again ? ? ?  


  First of all, dry inside the casing, clear the both surface with spade , change new gasket, put a silicone around the gasket, and even inside the cable hole too, tape the motor wire fully, cover back the screw with grease , it done ! ! ! 

Unfortunately this job not much technician want to do, cause take too long time work on it and very dirty & oily . . . also need some Skillset only can do it correctly.

We recommend to change the gasket every year, cause Malaysia weather hot and rain often, worry the gasket and silicone wont last...

 Otherwise is better change to a new Heavy Duty #ArmSystem, it won't worry about the water problems again, cause Arm System motor is above the ground.

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*Below photo is our recently repair job in Cheras

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Underground Motor

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