Prevent you Gate Rusty

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FMCO3.0 Extended, But do you know how to #Extending your house's GATE Lifespan ?

We saw a lot case happen like below photo, this happen usually after more than 5 years. This because the gate inside get rust until crack due to Rain   ... Today I want give a free tips for you how to prevent it. The job is easy even lady also can do it, just take15 second only… 


Spray the #EpoxyCoating #Transparent protection paint , you no need any skill or no need spray the whole gate, you need to spray the welded parts only, cause normal rust start from welded parts.

This paint you may buy from Shopee or Lazada 2K EPOXY TOP COAT SPRAY (CLEAR/MATT) , for better result spray it on hot sun and before you spray need to Clean the surface with kitchen tissue first (remove the oily and dust) . Spray it 2 layer at same time, it will dry after 15min. But you need spray finish within 4 hours, cause this epoxy spray paint after you open it last 4 hours only.

To maintain it after 2-3 years you may do it again.  I checking online just price Rm3x.xx only, save your money instead of changing a whole new gate cost RM5-10K   it's worth right !

More info about Extend click here :

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Prevent you Gate Rusty

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