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If your house Autogate all remote not working, most people Will go change remote's battery… but after change battery also sama not working, Why ah… ?

Actually is notbattery problem, cause can't be all remote's battery weak at the same time…

This case can be said 99% is Receiver spoiled, what's is receiver and where is the receiver ?

Receiver is inside the Control Box, normaly is black rectangle black cover like below photo. Receiver is receive the Signal from your remote and give open close circuit to mother board.

And inside the receiver have 8 DIP switch code, the code must same code with your remote. So every house autogate also have their own code. 

Some receiver use more than 7-8 Years above the Receiver became very weak, mean all your remote need go very near only can open the gate. In this case you need to change a New Receiver already.

 But if you wish to try DiY how to temporary fix back the Receiver, you may click the youtube link below… 

DiY Repair Receiver :






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What's Receiver for Autogate

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