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Are you stay in Terrace house, Semi D, Bungalow ? :o #Robbery follow behind come in , How ah… I saw a lot cctv capture Robbery follow behind came in when reach home, how we can prevent it happen ? I try sharing my ideal to you on this video , it help thousand of my clients… hope can help you too. We are in Subang and Puchong ♂♀♂ We can cover whole klang valley now, cause we have enough team ready to serve you. … WhatsApp me for more detail : Mr Fong & Team AUTOGATEC.COM

DEA Arm System 🎬 2020-08-26

Autogate selalu Rosak dan Maintenance Tinggi ♂ Why not choose high Quality 1 time beli can last 20 years above, if long term kira lagi jimat daripada selalu repair & tukar... Kami sudah 20 tahun lebih in this line, if customer budget ok and looking for high value products, I memang recommend DEA, Motor fully import from Italy . Untuk Sliding, Swing or Folding Gate pun ada. Merdeka Offer Start Whatsapp now before too late : Garage Opener Electro-Mechanical Linear 24DC

AutoReverse Autogate 🎬 2020-10-14

Autogate will Auto Reverse when hit some hard object like vehicle. Italy Brand T.A.U

4 wheel arm 🎬 2020-10-03

Explore inside the Arm 🎬 2020-10-09

When we buy a New Car, we need to open bonnet see inside the CAR ENGINE Right ? BUT when you want to install a new *AUTOGATE*, did the Saleperson open the Arm let you see inside ? ♂ Or just show the *NICE* Catalogue Design only ? ? ? Actually is Important to Explain clear on : What's the materials ? How's work ? Proven really can last longer ? This Video 2:26 showing you inside our Fully Heavy Duty Arm, why it really can last longer , it *PROVEN* by our customers use it before (review/comment on our Facebook page 5 Star). Buy AUTOGATE like buy CAR, need to choose *Reliability* and Easy to get SPARE PARTS with Reasonable Price too ! We understand what customers need, *WE ARE SAME LIKE YOU TOO* *WE ALWAYS LIKE TO SHARING* *MORE BETTER IDEA TO YOU.*

Which 1 better for my sliding gate ? 🎬 2020-10-16


Too Long ? Need lubricant ? I mean your Gate la.. Try use this no need put lubricant anymore ! Cause inside already design using OIL BATH with Ventilation Fan, and assembled with High Quality Ball Bearing. Important is Smoothly and Last Longer !!!

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Autogate job in Klia Alibaba group

Wifi Controller 🎬 2020-12-01

Only use 1 app can control your Autogate, Door Access, Light and macam macam pun… WhatsApp us for more detail : Mr Fong 012-2053763

Autogate noisy 🎬 2021-01-16

#Motor running so QUIET until can hear birds sound… Did you have experience when open the autogate sound like Train coming ? Keekang… Keekang If you midnight open the gate your neighbor sure wake up… Now no worry jor… use our silent motor even insect fly over you also can hear clearly. Not everyone can install until Quiet like this, we have a best products + Skillset.. action now click below link. MORE INFO HERE :

Bearing need Vaccine ? 🎬 2021-02-25

Ooo…Injection#VACCINE ke dalam Ball Bearing Boleh ke… ? Mengapa arr… ? Apa kebaikan… ? Actually ini Vaccine ialah protection untuk ball bearing juga… tengok ni Nak cucuk Vaccine… tekan sini

Repair Folding Wheel 🎬 2021-02-22

BEFORE and AFTER 《《 FOLDING GATE 》》 This video Importance is to show what is the Results we really can giving to you... Click here to make your Gate Younger :

What's inside the Autogate Motor 🎬 2021-03-04

CAUTION don choose Lower Price, in Markerplace Commercialization are No FREE meal for lunch … What you pay what you get. So...I think buying more RELIABLE things of better quality is【Worth】it. RM = VALUE I know you are Smart, when buying Autogate will decide for Value for your family , right ? Look 4 Valuable ? Action now

Dea Gulliver 3phase 🎬 2021-03-08

【HEADACHES】 on Autogate Motor cannot last long… always repair and repair… How to solve this problems and save your Money ? This video is recently our job in warehouse Kepong, replace New Autogate System with change a new gate roller's bearing. Our client find many supplies, but most supplies can't do cause the gate can't move a all, now you can see the gate feel lighter and smoother. We can solve your HEADACHES , just click here

Why Folding Gate problems ? 🎬 2021-04-19

Hi...You autogate can't fully open close, could be motor spoilt ? Maybe not… Some case is the gate WHEEL and BEARING cause this problems… Malaysia weather always rain can cause the wheel bearing spoilt, only 1 solution can spolve this problems, upgrade it to stainless steel bearing wheel + 3 layer ball bearing, it wouldn't get rust, it can last more 10 years lea… is true ! #Proved Results from our customers… WhatsApp us for more detail : Mr Fong 012-2053763

Wireless Indoor Button 🎬 2021-04-27

Need autogate, but don want see many wire inside your house for indoor button switch, no problem la... We have Simple and beauty way for you. LOOK FOR WIRELESS SWITCH ? CLICK HERE :

Clarity Mission 🎬 2021-04-30

We are not perfect, but we still aim to offer our customers the best services and products. Remember there's always have a space for improvement... ~ Mr Fong & Team Our Mission is Bring Safety and Convenient to You and Your Family. The One Control

Raya Autogate 🎬 2021-05-13

Alamat ! Esok mau raya, Autogate tiba2 rosak, cari banyak tempat tapi lepas raya baru senang… online search Mr Fong Cepat + bagus, cuba whatsapp Mr Fong… Alhamdulillah ! Team dia betul cepat mari dan ganti set baru , even tempat saya jauh. Set baru ini lagi powerful lagi cepat buka tutup… Jom ! Cepatlah simpan Mr Fong whatsapp no 0122053764 , Autogate ada apa2 rosak tak perlu cari sini cari sana lagi... Ini lah Autogate Arm System baru tukar tadi, Mr Fong edit sikit video jadi Raya Mood Ribuan terima kasih to Mr Fong & Team Stay Safe & Healthy

Underground Motor 🎬 2021-05-24

21/5, Government Today will announce something right ? What you like to hear ? See this video, Semua orang #diam2 duduk rumah , kerja pun ikut SOP strictly. KL Condo , Side Door , replace new Underground Autogate System. Thanks to my Wonderful Team… #SOP ~ Mr Fong

Autogate Hinger bearing broken 🎬 2021-05-28

Hinger Bearing like a human #spinal , you can't move your body when spinal broken, so is better ti choose higher Quality of your gate's Bearing. …so My Solid Heavy Duty Bearing are not cheap 1 , cause it can last more rhan 10 years, important is we don want your gate Spinal have problems again in future.. Is good for your family ! Imagine if your Gate falling down ! ! ! Cause Hinger bearing are holding your whole gate. Must choose a high quality for your family use. Find a doctor replace your Gate Spinal : Mr Fong 012-2053763

Power Of Energy Autogate 🎬 2021-06-09

Hi… Which type suitable for your gate ? If gate lenght more than 16 choose TRACKLESS. If 12-14 feet choose SWING easy to park in 2 car. If beside the gate got more space choose SLIDING. If your gate railing always problems change to Heavy Duty Roller (Stainless Steel 3 layer bearing inside) last more than 10 years. More detail here :

Bank Negara Malaysia Autogate 🎬 2021-06-16

Bank Negara Malaysia Autogate System… It's our honors to serve you More detail

Alibaba Wearhouse in KLIA Sepang 🎬 2021-07-16

Have you see before Alibaba Warehouse in KLIA , It very very big , also got a lot Autogate too . . . Why Alibaba need need big warehouse here ? Cause this way can reduce the delivery fees for you... Come i show you the video some of the Autogate install by our team in 2020... #Klia #Alibaba #Autogate #TheOneControl

Autogate in Airport KLIA Alibaba 🎬 2021-09-18

Nothing is impossible, Alibaba going to have its plane and own airport in the future... Our Autogate job in KLIA

Autogate for school 🎬 2021-09-24

International Schools already start went to school recently, follow all the SOP, it's our honor to give the best safety & Convenient to all the teachers, staff, and students. ~ Our Autogate Job in Rafflesia International School in Puchong. If you are looking for the Best Autogate System, Click the link below, we are always willing to share more information with you.

Luxury Trackless Autogate 🎬 2021-10-02

Giving your house a new look, choose the luxury Autogate that can last more than 20 years, no need for paint, rust-free! Giving your family better lifestyles, Safety & Convenience. Click the link below, you and your family need it…

Double panel sliding gate 🎬 2021-10-14

This is 2 panels opening of the Sliding Autogate System, giving more space and wider entry space, easy for loading containers, and bigger forklift access. .. .. .. This Factory location is at Puchong. If you like to know more ideas on Autogate System, just click the link below :