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Now #Pencuri very Smart 1 Came inside the house and take away CCTV Recorder , Habislah… No worries, We also Smart, Now we have a Backup Cloud Storage, even Pencuri taken away your CCTV Recorder still have a BACKUP . Know more WhatsApp us :

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Now you can view you staff or customer more closer… CCTV PTZ CAMERA AppControl : Views Anywhere Anytime Vandal Proof : No worry Robbery bring Hammer Turn 360Β° : Cover more area Optical Zoom x 4 : More clear on big face

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#Tips This New Year 2021 How to Seach your CCTV earlier ? Pls subscribe our YouTube channels for more Update Video :

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Kisah Benar Bukan main2, #Pencuri tarik KUAT2… memang tak boleh buka, ini panggil Fully Locking System, sebab market ada Lock memang senang force open punya... Tak kira your office/shop/rumah ada simpan emas atau tidak, Protect sebelum nya jadi... Tengok CCTV ini pencuri masih muda, ada tangan ada kaki sepatut boleh cari kerja baik , mengapa mau curi… lagi pakai kasut slipper boleh lari mea… ??? Kalau Rajin dan cuba belajar mesti dapat cari duit… sebab dia orang berani

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In just 1-5 sec you manage to find out what happened at your home previously by using our CCTV Apps Wish to know more about this, just click the link below : #CCTV #HumanDetect #FaceDetection

Fully aluminum gate Malaysia 🎬 2021-10-23

Luxury Fully Aluminum Trackless Autogate Malaysia When your friends or family member come to your house, sure will say WOW...Gorgeously! Would you like to rise your impression lifestyle ? WhatsApp us for more detail : Mr.Fong 012-2053763