Autogate very Loud ? 🎬 2019-12-20

3 step easy 🎬 2019-12-20

Repairing Wall Crack 🎬 2019-12-20

sliding motor tak boleh buka habis 🎬 2020-09-29

sliding dc motor 15 years 🎬 2020-10-30

Cari orang #REPAIR Autogate ? Ada model even sudah 15 tahun pun masih boleh repair, tapi ada yang 2-3 tahun saja tak advice repair , Why ar… ? Sebab… ada yang tak dapat cari spare part even masih baru atau ada yang lepas repair pun tak tahan langsung… So masa Beli mesti #SEARCH betul betul ah… ! Takut nanti Rosak sini Rosak sana #POCKET you lagi susah Oh… Kami adalah Expert Doctor Autogate 23 tahun lebih, tengok gambar sudah tau boleh buat atau tidak, whatsapp kami gambar : Mr Fong 012-2053763

How to Solve Autogate's Motor Noisy ? 🎬 2021-03-12

No Wait… don throw away your old motor !!! Let our doctor check first… This Video show How to solve your motor noisy problem , after we overall could last other 10 years again... … THIS JOB WE DID IT ON THE SPOT , NO NEED SEND BACK FACTORY WAITING MORE THAN 3 WEEK… CAUSE WE HAVE A ♂EXPERTISE DOCTOR… We like to Save your time & money… giving more convenient and safety for you and your family. Pls subscribe our YouTube channels for more Update Video : Need see Doctor here :

MAG underground motor 🎬 2021-05-07

After Rain day autogate 1 side motor can't move or very slow ? Is your underground motor ? … Yes ! We know what is the problem, this kind of motor at least more than 15 years… We can solve you problem for long term, I understand now in market very hard to find a expertise to repair this kind of motor, we always try our best to repair for you and find a spare part for you too… Underground Motor Repair : 012-2053763 Mr Fong